Knitting Podcasts

I love finding new knitting podcasts to watch while I knit or do other random things.  It’s always fun to see what other makers are knitting, what yarn they’re using, and what events they’re attending (especially now that events are happening again!).  As I’ve watched more and more podcasts, I’ve found more and more….  So many fun, talented makers are podcasting!  

Let me tell you a few of the new (to me!) podcasts that I’m loving…

Jonathan’s Days

I happened upon Jonathan’s podcast not long ago and immediately enjoyed it.  Jonathan lives in Britain and is so much fun to listen to.  He knits a ton of sweaters and socks and uses some yarns that I would love to find in my LYS: wooly, British yarns!  This podcast definitely inspires me to want to knit sweaters!  Jonathan is so talented and I envy his sweater mojo!

Skeindeer Knits

Dr. Elli is the designer behind Skeindeer Knits and the same podcast.  She’s a Norwegian living in London and I adore her designs.  Ellie uses traditional Norwegian yarns and writes lovely Selbu and Norwegian-style patterns…..  She’s definitely inspired me to try more wooly yarns and knit Selbu mittens.  And I learn so much from listening to her!  If you love learning about knitting and the history behind it, I’d recommend this podcast!

Knitting Traditions

Inga is a doctor, I think, in Norway who loves to knit traditional designs made with wooly, Norwegian yarn.  I learn so much about yarn and patterns from Inga!!   She has so much knowledge about knitting that she learned from her grandmother…  I’m so jealous!  And there are sometimes videos of amazing Norwegian sights included in her podcast.  


There are definitely other podcasts that I’m watching but these are the ones I’m obsessing over at the moment.  And do you sense a theme?  Wooly yarns, traditional patterns…   I don’t know how long this kick will last for me, but I’m enjoying learning more about wool and yarn.  

And Selbu knitting!  I’ve done a swatch for my first Selbu mittens and can’t wait to cast on!  What are you knitting these days?

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