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Knitting WIPs – July 2019

July has flown by in a blur of travel and family/friend commitments. It’s been fun, don’t get me wrong, but I’m in serious need of some introverted isolation.  Ha! Despite all the happenings, I’ve managed some work on my knitting WIPs….and even some reading, though that’s neither here nor there.  

Here is what’s on the needles…

Close to You Shawl

This is so close to being done!  I’m a little skeptical because it seems a bit small but hopefully, after a good blocking, it’ll be bigger.  I’m loving the purple and dark grey/black flecks. This is such a simple but beautiful pattern… It’s easy to memorize and perfect for TV knitting.  I can’t recommend it enough!

Hopefully I can finish this in the next few days for my July project.  I like getting stuff done in a month!

Find Your Fade

I haven’t done as much on my Fade but I did add the third color, Honey Jar from October House Yarns.  And I love it! The pink that blends to dark yellow…. Just gorgeous!  

Next week, I’m off to a conference and I think I’ll take this for my plane knitting.  

Next Up

I can’t decide if I want to do some shortie socks for me or get started on a baby gift for a co-worker.  I like to be prepared and get my gifts done sooner rather than later, but the baby isn’t due until the end of October.  So I have time for some socks, right?

As for the baby gift, I’m thinking a little dress would be fun to knit.  I found some yarn at The Sated Sheep which will be lovely! (And yes, I first looked in my stash for a yarn to use but since it’s a baby, I wanted something that wasn’t over 50% wool.)

Also coming up – FibreShare packages are almost due to be sent out!  I can’t wait for my partner to see hers…and to see what I’ll get. So exciting!

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