Koigu Yarn was one of my first yarn loves.  Their Koigu Painter’s Palette Premium Merino (KPPPM) is so exquisitely dyed that it made me want to knit socks – and that was a rarity when I first discovered this yarn.  I remember the first time I saw it in person – at Jimmy Bean’s Wool in Reno, Nevada. I couldn’t pick just one color – they were all so beautiful, making the task of picking one impossible.  

The Koigu company has a lovely story that’s still based around family.  Today, though their production has increased, they are still centered around family.  It all started with Maie Landra in Ontario – now some of her children (and grandchildren!) have joined Koigu and they’re producing more yarn than ever before!


Koigu now offers many, many bases to choose from.  Here are some of their most popular ones….

Painter’s Palette Premium (100% Merino)

Premium Merino (solid colors like Palette – 100% Merino)

Mori (Fingering – 50% Silk/50% Wool)

Cashmere (Fingering – 100% Cashmere)

Kersti Merino Crepe (DK – 100% Merino)

Karmen Silk (DK – 100% Silk)

American Merino (Sport – 100% Merino)

Felting Merino (Sport – 100% Merino)

Chelsea Aran (100% Merino)

Kersti Cashmere (Worsted – 100% Cashmere)

Lace Merino (Light Fingering – 100% Merino)

Aura Brushed Mohair (Bulky – 96% Mohair/4% Polyamide)

Othello (Super Bulky – 100% Merino)


The original colors in KPPM are still some of my favorite hand painted skeins of yarn.  The thing to know about KPPM is that one skein is enough for one sock – so you’d better get two for a pair.  I’ve intended to make Christmas ornaments out of the skein below for years – and still have not managed it. Maybe this year!



My favorite place to buy Koigu is Jimmy Beans Wool, which has one of the best online stores for yarn on the web.  They even have some yarn from Koigu that is dyed especially for them. Since Koigu is located in Canada, it’s best to find an American retailer to avoid the taxes and shipping.

Ease of Shopping

Jimmy Beans has a great website, as I’ve said, and wonderful customer service.  I’ve ordered from them multiple times throughout the years and have never been disappointed.

Shipping Costs

If you order from Jimmy Beans, they offer free shipping over $75.  It doesn’t get much better than that – because you know how easy it is to spend $75 on yarn!  



Koigu will always have a very special place in my heart.  I love browsing their KPPM colorways because they are just so beautiful.  If you’ve never seen it in person, you’re in for a treat!  

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