Lay Family Yarn Advent

Lay Family Yarn 2022 Advent Calendar

Apparently for me, Advent in 2022 was all about British dyers.  I bought a full, 25-day Advent calendar from Birdstreet Yarn and then, on a bit of a whim, a 12-day calendar from Lay Family Yarn.  I’ve long admired Lay Family Yarn from afar (literally and figuratively) and this was the perfect opportunity to finally order their yarn.

Let me tell you more!

The Calendar

This calendar was so much fun to open, as I had no idea what to expect.  I’ve never bought yarn from Lay Family Yarn, though I’ve been tempted more times than I can count.  

This calendar was based on a village that Lay Family had curated other yarn around.  I honestly can’t remember the name of it.  But the inspiration art was adorable.  And the colorways were beautiful!  So many beautiful speckles and variegated colors that are soft yet stunning.

Lay Family yarn


For 12 days, this calendar of mini skeins brought me great joy.  The colorways ranged from extremely subtle and variegated to bright with subtle speckles.  And they go together beautifully! 


Though this calendar included only the mini skeins, I couldn’t be happier.  It was so lovely to open and I’ve already started a project with it: Helen Stewart’s Land of Sweets Cowl.  And it’s turning out great!

Lay Family Yarn Advent

(I’ve made a habit of knitting on an Advent yarn project for 30 minutes every morning before work.  It’s so relaxing and gets my day off to a great start!)

A 12-day Advent calendar is a great investment if you’re unsure if you can knit a 24 or 25-day calendar.  And I can highly recommend any calendar from Lay Family Yarn!

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