Leftover Christmas Socks

Leftover Christmas Yarn Socks

Yes, I’m still talking about Christmas socks, even after making all those socks last year!  Because of all those socks, I had some yarn leftover that I simply couldn’t bear to go to waste.  So, I made some scrappy socks for myself….and they turned out great!  

The Yarn

Two of my favorite skeins of Christmas yarns had way too much left over after making socks for my family.  Since neither skein  had enough for a pair of socks, even shorties, I decided to combine them to make a scrappy pair for me.

I’ve had a Christmas skein from Must Stash yarn for so long…and I’ve always treasured it.  But this was the perfect skein with which to make my dad’s Christmas socks.  I’m glad I did but I’m even happier that I was able to incorporate some of this yarn into socks for me!  For my mom’s socks, I found the perfect skein – containing pink! – from Coloring Book Yarns.  And after knitting with it, I knew I had to have some of this yarn in a pair of socks for me.  

The Pattern 

For these socks, I used my new favorite pattern from Kay, the Crazy Sock Lady, except that I used circular needles.  I definitely prefer two circular needles to my once beloved double-pointed needles.  Who would have thought?!

Leftover Christmas Socks


Pattern:  Vanilla Socks on Magic Loop by  Crazy Sock Lady Designs

Yarn:  Must Stash Perfect Must Match  in Elf’d & Holly Jolly; Coloring Book Yarns Sock in Vintage Holiday

Needles: US 1 (2.25 mm)

Made for: me

Time to Completion:  5 weeks

I knit these through the month of December while also knitting on my Advent socks.  Considering how busy the month was, vanilla socks were about all I could manage mentally and physically. 

I was able to use the Must Stash for the leg and then switched to the Coloring Book yarn for the foot.  And I barely had enough yarn for the foot!  Thankfully, I had plenty of the green yarn from the Must Stash set to do all the heels, toes, and cuffs! 

These turned out great, in my opinion, and it’s killing me that I can’t wear them yet!

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