Less Traveled Yarn

Less Traveled Yarn

I’ve been drooling over about five colorways from Less Traveled Yarn for years.  This is a special dyer.  And I love their story!  Sarah traveled a lot for work and started knitting more and more in airports and on planes.  Soon, she wasn’t finding the yarn she wanted in her home state of Arizona, so she started dyeing her own.  Now, she has a full-time job dyeing yarn!  How great is that?!  

I received two skeins of this yarn from my first FibreShare partner – and they’re lovely.  Let me tell you more about this yarn.


This yarn features some of the most brilliant colorways I’ve seen.  And they come on many bases, including, but not limited to….

757 (Fingering – 75/25)

Tweed Me Sock (Fingering – 85/15 Other)

Dreamliner (Fingering – 70% BFL/20% Silk/10% Cashmere)

Sparkle Sock (Fingering – 75/20/5)

Concorde Singles (Fingering – 100% Merino)

MCN (Fingering – 80/10/10)

DK (75/25)

SW Worsted (100% Merino)

Mohair (Lace – 72% Mohair/28% Bombyx)

Baby Suri (Lace – 74% Suri/26% Silk)

Less Traveled Yarn
© Less Traveled Yarn


Less Traveled Yarn is popping up in more and more local yarn stores.  I’ve been amazed to see it in different stores, which is so cool for Sarah.  You can also find tons of yarn on the Less Traveled website.  

OOAK (one of a kind) colorways are called Day Trips.  So cool!

Ease of Shopping

The Less Traveled website is super easy to use.  You can even sign up for a monthly club!

Less Traveled Yarn

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs from the Less Traveled website are reasonable.  But be sure to check for a stockist near you.  Sarah is now stocking international yarn stores!


Be sure to follow Sarah on social media to see all the gorgeous yarn she dyes up!  Some of her colorways are truly irresistible.

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