Lichen and Lace

Lichen and Lace

Lichen and Lace was one of the first independent dyers I ran across while browsing yarn on Etsy. And I immediately loved the colorways.  There was one color in particular that I drooled over for years. But, at the time, I was not knitting much and couldn’t justify buying yarn.  (Can imagine thinking like that? What happened to me?!)

Fast forward many, many years to this past fall when I got to finally touch Lichen and Lace with my own hands, in the country of its origin.  What a treat! This yarn is the product of Megan, who lives in New Brunswick.


There are many bases on which Lichen and Lace is dyed to choose from, including…

Matte Sock (75/25)

80/20 Sock

1Ply Superwash Merino Fingering Weight

Marsh Mohair (lace)

Rustic Heather Sport

4Ply Superwash Merino Worsted

80/20 Bulky


The colorways dyed by Megan are lovely.  There are gorgeous solid and semi-solid colors to choose from, along with stunning variegated skeins.

The first color I saw that I fell in love with was Pressed Flowers.  This color still takes my breath away. Of course, it was not available to purchase when I could finally buy my first skein of Lichen and Lace but…someday!  

Lichen and Lace


Lichen and Lace is showing up in more and more yarn stores.  It’s available in many online stores, including Simply Sock Yarn.  

Ease of Shopping

 Megan’s website is great and easy to navigate.  There’s also an Etsy shop to peruse, which is how I originally found Lichen and Lace.

Lichen and Lace

Shipping Costs

If you order directly from Megan, shipping is expensive, since it’s coming from Canada.  But on the website, there are some shipping discounts if you buy over $150 USD. If you can find a US wholesaler, this will obviously cut down on your shipping costs.


I love Megan’s yarn!  Her colorways are truly unique and I’m sure you’re going to love them!  If you haven’t browsed her site, go and enjoy it!

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