Life in the Long Grass

Life in the Long Grass

I first heard about Life in the Long Grass yarn when, several years ago, I was at a professional conference that had nothing to do with knitting.  I was in line for something and saw a woman ahead of me wearing a handknit shawl. In a rare case of extrovertedness, I went right up to her and started stroking her “Find Your Fade” wrap.  She said her yarn choice was “Life in the….” from Ireland. I couldn’t understand her. I went home, did some research, and found the right yarn.

And I fell in love.  LITLG is hand dyed in small batches in county Cork, Ireland and uses only ethically sourced yarn.  The yarn is gorgeous and usually variegated. And for those of us in the United States, something so beautiful from such a dreamy place is a precious find.


LITLG comes in a multitude of bases, including…

Aran (100% wool)

DK Twist (100% wool)

DK Fleck (BFL)

Fine Sock (75/25)

Semi-Solid Sock (Fingering 100% wool)

Silk Merino Sock (50/50)

Variegated Sock (100% Merino)

Singles (Fingering 100% wool)

Twist Fingering(80/20)

Breeze (lace-weight 80/20 wool/silk)

Mohair Silk Lace (70/30 mohair/silk)

Sport Light (100% wool)

Twist Fingering(80/20)

Life in the Long Grass


The colorways that LITLG produces are varied and bountiful.  There are so many to choose from and no specific list is provided on the LITLG site.  If you want to get an idea of the many, many choices, browse Ravelry.


There are usually only a few skeins of yarn on the LITLG site for sale.  But the yarn is stocked by many yarn stores, online and across the country and Europe.  My favorite store to buy from online is Simply Socks Yarn Company. I’ve also found it in a few shops, including the Tinsmith’s Wife.

Ease of Shopping

Since there are so many places to buy this yarn, it is easy to find.  I’ve never ordered directly from LITLG but their site is easy to use.

Life in the Long Grass

Shipping Costs

If you order directly from LITLG online, they offer flat-rate shipping (€6).  Other retailers obviously offer different shipping rates.


Life in the Long Grass also offers quarterly yarn clubs – in which you receive a surprise skein (or two, if you choose) every month of that quarter.  I’ve always wanted to do these clubs but it is so hard for me to buy surprise yarn!

Life in the Long Grass

LITLG has a great social media presence on Instagram and you can sign up for their newsletter to get shop and club updates.  

Your stash will be happy if you buy some of this scrumptious yarn!

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