Life Updates

As 2023 matures – faster than I can keep track of! – I thought it was a good time to talk about all things, including but not limited to knitting!   Life updates are always good – to put things in perspective and take stock of the year, so far!

Let’s start with the obvious….


I’m still knitting though I think it may have dropped off by about 10%.  I used to be able to squeak in some knitting during the day – at lunch or during a webinar – but I’ve been so busy that it’s just not happening anymore.  I’m still loving all the socks and shawls I’m working on, though, so I’m still knitting up a storm when time allows before and after work!

At the beginning of 2023, I banned yarn buying (except for my Yarn Bliss Box)….but now I think I’ve bought three skeins of yarn in the month of March – all for socks.


I used to read a lot.  But once I got married, reading took a backseat to my husband and knitting.  Now that I’m working from home, I found that I have much more free time so I’m reading again!  Part of this change was due to COVID and not being able to travel.  I needed an escape. 

So, last spring, I started reading again.  I burned through epic fantasy novels quicker than I ever thought possible.  It was a great escape – dealing with dragons and magic was so much better than real life.  All in all, I read 106 books in 2022!  And I’m still reading this year!


Thankfully, we’ve decided to finally travel this year.  And we are getting back to it with a bang!  We’re taking a European cruise!  Matt has never been overseas so I’m curious to see how he likes Europe….and the islands we’ll visit.  It’s going to be unlike anything we’ve done before  – a true adventure!

Since that trip is longer and more expensive, we may not do much more traveling in 2023, but we’ll see.  As it is, I’m busy contemplating which knitting projects to take on two transatlantic flights!


After years of fighting for a promotion at my old job and then taking a new job with a title that did not appropriately convey the extent of my work, I finally have a new title!  And it’s one that describes the full extent of what I do and puts me on par with the rest of my team!  

Though the new title does nothing to change what I do, it makes me feel like my boss and his boss appreciate all that I’m doing.  And that they understand just what all it entails.  It’s about respect, after all.

Other than that, work is keeping me busy – so, so busy, which is good!  


Other crafty things are also happening….  I’m still scrapbooking – and I finally finished my December Daily album for 2022! – but this craft gets the least amount of attention from me these days.  My cardmaking is still happening, though that often seems more like a chore.  I often get backed into a corner with card deadlines and, therefore, don’t enjoy the process as I should.  I need to work on that!

December Daily

I hope you’re staying busy with things that bring you joy and fulfillment.

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