Long Dog Yarn

Long Dog Yarn

This week, we’re exploring another great independent dyer, Long Dog Yarn.  

The first thing that attracted me to this company was the name – honestly.  I grew up with dachshunds, so how could resist this yarn! It’s based in Los Angeles, California.  The second thing I noticed about this yarn – at the DFW Fiber Festival – was the speckles!  Oh my goodness, what deliciousness!  


Long Dog Yarn is offered in a variety of bases:

  • Cloud Lace
  • Sock (80/20)
  • Bounce Sock (75/25)
  • Luxe Fingering
  • Sparkle Sock
  • Single
  • Merino DK

Long Dog Yarn

From what I’ve seen, by stalking the website way too much (there are several colorways I have my eye on), the most frequently stocked bases are sock, bounce sock, and single.  But all the bases make frequent appearances.  

Sock sets are also offered, as well as mini skeins and some kits.


The speckled colorways of Long Dog Yarn are brilliant. The colors are rich and vibrant and the speckles are intoxicating.  There are also tonal skeins which are bright colored solids.

Several series are dyed by Long Dog Yarn, including two inspired by Outlander and The Last Unicorn.  Also, every month there’s a featured color (available only that month) which you can buy in several bases.  These colors have already lured me in and I’ve purchased two!  (One is the light turquoise on this page!)


Colorways seem to come and go with some frequency.  So, if you’re looking for something specific, just check back and it will usually appear sometime soon.  I’m sure, if you email, they will help you get what you find.

Long Dog Yarn

Long Dog Yarn is also sold in select stores.

Ease of Shopping

The Long Dog Yarn website is very easy to use.  They also offer a rewards program, where you accumulate points with every purchase.  Those points will get you dollars off in the future.

Long Dog Yarn

Shipping Costs

Shipping is very reasonable (less than $4 for one skein) and quick for skeins that are Ready-to-Ship.  Dyed-to-Order skeins take longer, up to 2-3 weeks.


Long Dog Yarn is a lovely independent dyer who we’ll see great things from in the future, I’m sure.  

I have several skeins in my stash and have knit one up into a pair of socks, which I’ll show you later this week.  I used bounce sock, which was great to work with; it has lovely stitch definition (above)!  Visit the Long Dog Yarn website here. I’m sure you’ll find something you love!

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