Lorna's Laces yarn

Lorna’s Laces

Way back when, one of my first yarn loves was Lorna’s Laces.  The colorways – some of the first variegated I’d seen – blew my fiber-freshman brain.  I just couldn’t see how all those colors could blend together so well, but somehow they did!

Those gorgeous colorways are the work of Beth Casey, who bought Lorna’s Laces (est. 1987) from Lorna Miser in 2002.  All of Lorna’s Laces is dyed in Chicago and now her yarn is sold across the country.


There are so many bases to choose from!  Some have come and gone – and can still be found on Ravelry – but these are the bases currently being dyed.

Fingering weights include: Shepherd Sock (80/20), Solemate (Merino, Rayon, Nylon), and Staccato minis (80/20).  Shepherd Sport (100% Merino) and Sportmate (Merino, viscose) are the sport weight options. Angel (Angora and lambswool) and Honor (Baby alpaca and silk) are the DK options.

Worsted weight options include Shepherd Worsted (Merino) and Pearl (Silk and Rayon).  For Bulky yarns, Beth offers Cloudgate (Merino, Nylon) and Shepherd Bulky (wool). Helen’s Lace (silk, wool) is their lace weight yarn.


Colorways are abundant.  And Beth dyes some colorways for specific shops.  There are solids, variegated colorways, and even a  Splattershot line, which is filled with speckled goodness


Lorna’s Laces is sold in many stores, across the country.  My favorite place to shop for it online is Jimmy Beans Wool, based out of Reno, Nevada.

Ease of Shopping

Given there are so many shopping options, it’s super easy to find this yarn.


There are so many stores in which you can get this fabulous yarn – and some charge no shipping if you order enough!

Lorna's Laces yarn


Lorna’s Laces will always have a soft spot in my heart.  With this yarn, I knitted something for a man – my husband! – for the first time.  And I left him pick out the yarn, when we were at Jimmy Beans in Reno a few years ago.  I really enjoyed working with the Shepherd Sock base – and it keeps him really warm.  Now, to try the other bases!

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