March 2023 WIPs

March was an interesting month.  In some ways, it flew by but….there were certainly times it dragged on and on.  I made some good knitting progress….and finished some projects.  I’m still anxious to cast on more and more socks, but I’m also trying to finish some WIPs, too.  

Let me give you the rundown….

Teal Socks

I’m almost halfway through a pair of socks for my BFF’s daughter.  I have to knit four pairs of socks and this is the third – so only one more to go!  For this green-loving girl, I’m using yarn from Schoppel-Woolle….and a purple/teal mini that I couldn’t resist!

Selbu Mittens

Now that my Land of Sweets cowl is done, these mitts will be my morning 30-minutes of knitting until they’re done.  I really want to finish these and I’m hoping the short timeframe each day will help me not get discouraged by how slow I knit this complicated colorwork!  

Long Summer Cardigan

I’m trying to spend more time on this cardigan – and I’ve succeeded.  Joji Locatelli’s pattern is lovely but the twisted rib is not the easiest thing.  I’ll get this done – someday!

Battenberg Blanket

I’m still making my little squares….  But this is going to take a loooong time to make!  Thankfully, I love making these little squares.

Lava Lake

This project is what I work on during weekend TV time.  And I’m now past the halfway mark!  I’m making this even bigger than what Stephen West’s pattern calls for. So it’s going to be big!


I finished my Land of Sweets Cowl using Lay Family Yarn’s 12-day Advent calendar.  It’s so lovely!  This will be a Christmas gift, which makes me extremely happy! (Yay, early gift knitting!)

And I finished my second pair of children’s socks, the Big Sky Socks – for my BFF’s kids.   The sizing is interesting so I really hope they fit!

What’s Next

I have one more pair of children’s socks to make.  And I need to seriously think of what to take on our long vacation at the end of April.  I’m thinking two pairs of socks instead of anything bigger.  Hm…..   Two transatlantic plane rides means I’m breaking my no-knitting-on-vacation rule.

That’s what I have going on!  Whatever you have on the needles, I hope it’s bringing you joy!

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