May 2023 WIPs

May has been a blur.  For the first two weeks, we were on vacation – an amazing vacation in which I did little knitting, until the end of the trip and the flight home.  But once we got home, I was happy to pick up my knitting again!  I have many WIPs to tell you about so let’s begin!

Blumenwiese Socks

Google tells me that Blumenwiese means ‘flower meadow’ in German – and that is very appropriate for this yarn color – a pale green with all kinds of lovely speckles.  Herbstblatt Regina, the dyer who created it but who is no longer dyeing, was very talented and I treasure the few skeins of yarn I have from her.  So I’m enjoying knitting these socks!

Blumenweise Socks

Cornflower Socks

Just the other day, I cast on another sock, which I meant to start on 5/26 for the start of The Crazy Sock Lady’s Summer Sock Camp.  Though a few days late, I’m happy to have more socks to knit on.  Yes, I’m crazy about sock knitting!  This Cornflower colorway is from The Cozy Knitter

Cornflower Socks

Selbu Mittens

Now that my Land of Sweets cowl is done, this has been my 30-minutes of knitting each morning.  I’m all the way to the decreases on one mitten and am close to that on the second.  It’s so nice to be making progress on these!

Selbu mitts

Long Summer Cardigan

I’ve spent a bit of time on this but since the month has been insane, I haven’t done as much as I’d hoped.  This cardigan, from Joji Locatellii, will become my Saturday knitting project, just so I can make some good progress.

Battenberg Blanket

I haven’t made many squares for the blanket this month, mainly because I was focused on other projects.  But I’ll get back to this soon!

Lava Lake

I’ve made some good progress on this shawl!  Now that I’m on the decreases, I hope this gets faster and faster as I go along!  Now that I’m almost done, I already want to start another Stephen West shawl.  Ha!

Lava Lake


A few days ago, I finished my Potion Socks – which I adore!  The Plaza Lights colorway from Potion Yarns is absolutely stunning!  I’m hoping to squeak out another pair of socks with the yarn leftovers!

What’s Next

More socks!  I’ve never participated in Summer Sock Camp, but for some reason, I’m motivated this year, probably because I’m so obsessed with socks!  So hopefully I get a few done this summer!  

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