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Last year, I told you about some of my favorite podcasts to follow.  And I still follow them! The Suburban Stitcher, the Grocery Girls, and Knitting Vicariously are still some of my favorite podcasters to watch.  But I’ve added a few more knitting gurus to my viewing routine.  

(My favorite time to watch podcasts is when I stay in the office at lunch to knit.  I’ll listen to a podcast as I get some rows in and it’s the perfect way to tune out of work for just a bit.)

Knitty Natty – Love in Stitches

Natalie is a knitter and crocheter who lives in Dallas but is from Tennessee.  She once worked in a yarn store that I visited in Nashville long ago. And because she’s worked in a yarn store, she has a lot of knowledge about stitches, needles, knitting, and crocheting.  In her day job, she’s a teacher.

I really enjoy seeing what Natalie is knitting on – and what she’s designing.  She’s published several patterns now and they’ve all been so pretty! Natalie is always so cheerful and fun to listen to; her smile always brightens my mood!


A Homespun House

Yes, Molly’s family is planning a move back to Germany, but it’s been fun watching the Homespun House podcast while they are living in the States.   And I’ll keep watching after they move, of course!

Molly always has news about her yarn to share – and tons of knitting.  I cannot believe how fast she knits! It’s crazy! It’s always fun to see her yarn knitted up into socks – she has so many lovely colorways!


Kristin is the dyer and maker behind Voolenvine Yarn.  She’s a knitter and sewer and always has a variety of projects in progress.  And if you watch regularly, Kristin is great about keeping you up to date with her shop news.

Kristin’s style is a bit gothic and her knitting and her patterns are lovely.  I like following along vicariously with her on her knitting journeys to places like Vogue Knitting Live and the Edinburgh Yarn Festival.  Until I can go to these things – if I can ever go – I must watch someone else enjoy them!


What are you watching while you knit?  Any podcasts you can recommend? 

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