Murray Socks

Murray Christmas Socks

I’m still not done making Christmas socks!  I’ve been dreaming of using some yarn that I bought last December, from Murray Wool Goods, and these socks seemed like the perfect opportunity!

Let me tell you more about this FO…

The Yarn

During all the yarn updates for Christmas colorways last year, I saw two skeins of yarn from Murray Wool Goods that I could not resist.  There was a maroon, pink colorway that was gorgeous and then a similar green one…..  I don’t usually gravitate to greens but this one was so beautiful!

The Pattern 

I knit these using my favorite new method, using two circular needles per sock.  For this, I used videos from The Crazy Sock Lady, along with her pattern.  This method is so easy and seems to go a lot quicker than double-pointed needles!!


Pattern:  Vanilla Socks on Magic Loop by The Crazy Sock Lady Designs

Yarn: Murray and Co Wool Goods Classic Sock in The Holly and the Ivy; mini skein from Holly Press Fibers    

Needles: US 1 (2.25 mm)

Made for: me   

Time to Completion:  2.5 weeks

Murray Socks

I used the excuse of Sock Week to knit the first sock in this set – so it was done in one week.  The second sock soon followed – thankfully I have no second sock syndrome because I usually knit both socks at once!

For the mini skein, I found a bundle of minis from Holly Press Fibers on Etsy and this colorway seemed the perfect compliment to the green. 

I did a standard heel flap and gusset.  And these socks were so much fun to knit!  I loved the yarn and everything about these!  Now I can’t wait for Christmas to actually wear them!

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