self striping yarn

Must Stash Yarn

For my first yarn review, I’m going to tell you about one of my favorite yarns with which I learned to love knitting socks: Must Stash Yarn.

self striping yarn

Must Stash is the love child of Stacie, from San Antonio, Texas.  If you’ve seen her co-hosted podcast, Little Skein and the Big Stash, you’ll know she dyes all the yarn herself.  I cannot imagine the amount of patience this takes as her skeins are just so perfect…. And well worth the $35 price tag!


Though there are several bases shown for Must Stash on Ravelry, the only one that really matters, because it’s just so perfect, is the Perfect Self Striping Sock (75% merino, 25% nylon).   Stacie dyes two skeins (that start and stop at the same point in the color pattern) that are twisted together for a total of 440 yards. It’s super easy to wind up those two skeins and start knitting in no time.

Recently, I’ve seen skeins of a worsted weight yarn, Sweater Weather Merino Worsted, show up on the website.  These are solid colored skeins and seem to be of limited availability.


Must Stash colorways are brilliant.  The colors are so bright and beautiful and her stripe inventions are creative and unique.  Every time that I think I’ve seen all Stacie can do, she surprises me again with something truly beautiful!

self striping yarn

Right now, Stacie has a lot of her Galactic Collection in the shop.  This series is based on Star Wars characters; indeed, there’s a colorway for everyone from Anakin to Jyn.

Perhaps her most famous colorway is Kama Sutra, made popular by the Yarn Harlot.  It’s gorgeous – consisting of almost every color of the rainbow.


If you want the best selection, visit Stacie when she comes to the DFW Fiber Fest.  When she’s there, she has almost every color she’s ever dyed. I tend to stock up then – and it’s always fun to chat with Stacie.  

self striping yarn

After DFW, she fills her online shop with the leftover skeins, so be sure to check the site then.  Otherwise, her shop seems to be revolving – there’s always something to buy, but you never know what.  There are sometimes seasonal favorites – Easter, fall, and Christmas. According to her Instagram posts, she is trying to do weekly shop updates in 2019.  

A word of advice – if you see something on the site that you want, buy it!

Ease of Shopping

Stacie’s website is super easy to use.  There are sometimes Dye to Order options, but not always.  As the only dyer at Must Stash, Stacie stays busy, I’m sure.  There are sometimes Ready to Ship items and Made to Order Items listed for sale – but her shipping has always been fast for me.  Outside of the fiber fest, her yarn is not sold in yarn shops at this time.

self striping yarn


Shipping Costs

Must Stash rarely has discounts on shipping but then, the cost has never been exorbitant.


Stacie of Must Stash is extremely talented.  I’m always looking at her site to see if she’s found a new color combination or color pattern that I love.  And, all too frequently, I find something I must buy!

Visit her site or find her on Instagram.    

In the next week, I’ll be sharing some of my own projects that I knit with Must Stash, so check back!

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