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My 2020 Advent Calendar

Last year, when I ordered my very first Advent calendar, I was unsure how I would use it or if I would use it.  Well, I used it – am in the process of using it, actually – and I loved it.  (I’m knitting Helen Stewart’s Habitation Throw, in case you’re new here.)  When thinking of this year, I was very nervous about choosing the right dyer to buy from and deciding on what to make. 

The Dyer

In the summer, when independent yarn dyers started advertising their 2020 Advent calendars, I had a conundrum: go with a tried-and-true dyer or a new-to-me dyer?  I really wanted to try a new dyer but what if I didn’t like their aesthetic?  

There was also the literal kit and price to think of.  The prices of calendars seemed higher this year, perhaps due to the COVID impacts on the wool trade.  I also definitely wanted a full skein at the end of the calendar but many dyers don’t offer this.  And I wasn’t sold on a fade kit, though those are always very popular.  Other than that, my preferences were not set in stone.  

In the end, I decided to go with Woolberry Fiber Co.  I’ve bought some of their yarn and the socks I knit with it are lovely.  They’ve been in business long enough to have a strong, identifiable aesthetic that I really like – soft, lightly speckled yarn.  Woolberry offered several differently themed calendars; I think there were three to choose from.

The Kit

All that being said about preferences, the photo of the kit I selected from Woolberry does not look “soft.”  Ha!  This was the only clue as to what this kit will be like so we’ll see.  

woolberry advent

Using The Calendar

Since I’m making a throw with my October House Advent calendar, I want to do something else with the Woolberry.  Helen Stewart is coming out with some lovely patterns with her Knitvent series this year.  Perhaps I’ll make a cowl (or two) or a big shawl….  

With my Slipstravaganza Shawl, I’m realizing how much I could potentially become addicted to big shawls.  They have been great to wrap up in while working from home on chilly mornings.  So perhaps I need more of them!  Cowls are lovely but I’m not going anywhere to wear them these days…..

What pattern I choose will most likely depend on what colors are in this calendar – bold or bright or muted….  We’ll have to see what I’m inclined to make after seeing them all together.  Thankfully, many patterns exist for Advent calendars so I won’t have any issues finding one!


I can’t wait for Advent to begin.  On a spiritual note, Advent is a time of solemnity and thoughtfulness.  We definitely have a lot to contemplate this year – and to pray for.  

And Happy Thanksgiving!  I’m wishing you many blessings this season and Thanksgiving!  Be safe and healthy! 

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