Trunk Bay

My First Mystery Skein

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t like buying yarn that I haven’t seen.  It’s just too much money to spend on something sight unseen. But then the Suburban Stitcher had to choose one of our favorite places in the world to base her Park Passport Club skein on…..Trunk Bay in the Virgin Islands National Park on St. John.  

Warning: If you haven’t opened your May Passport Club box yet, there are spoilers ahead!!

Trunk Bay

One of the most iconic photos of a picture-perfect beach is Trunk Bay on St. John.  It’s the only beach on St. John that you have to pay admission to – because it’s in the National Park system.  Two-thirds of St. John is part of the park which, thankfully, limits the commercial and residential development on the island.  This means that most of St. John is unspoiled, filled with glorious, natural beauty.

While Trunk Bay is amazing, it’s not our favorite beach on the island.  Cinnamon Bay, the next beach up, is our favorite place in the world – and rivals Trunk in beauty.   Then there’s Maho Bay, even more off the beaten path, which is truly amazing – basically a swimming pool where the waves lap every so gently.  

St. John has a treasure trove of these natural wonders and we try to go explore them as often as we can.

Trunk Bay

Mystery Skein

When I saw Dianne’s picture of Trunk Bay, I knew I had to take a chance on the National Park Club.  Thankfully, with Dianne’s club, you can buy one month at a time. And I loved the colors of this photo.  Sunsets on the islands are so amazing and this one does a great job at capturing the beauty of them.

I had high hopes for the colors in the skein of yarn and they did not disappoint.  Dianne did a lovely job incorporating the blues, greens, and pinks. I haven’t seen any yarn from Dianne that was not beautiful but these colors work so well together!  She did a fabulous job.

Suburban Stitcher

This gives me hope for yarn mystery clubs.  I can’t wait to knit with this yarn!

The National Park Club opens at the beginning of each month and you can choose your yarn: Sock, Single, or DK.  I chose Sock!  Look for June – it’s up now!

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