Ribbon Scarf

My First Real Knitting Project

Do you remember your very first knitting project?  Did you finish it? Long ago, in the early euphoria of learning how to knit, I started way too many projects.  Sadly, most of mine are still sitting in bins, unfinished – and I hate UFOs. But I did manage to finish one or two of those very early projects.  And the first one turned out quite nice…


I was super excited to knit scarves when I first started knitting.  That didn’t last too long, once I figured out how long they can take, depending on your yarn choice and gauge.  Once cowls became popular, I much preferred them to scarves.

When a friend gave me Knit Scarves!, by Candi Jensen, I fell in love with the Ribbon Drop Stitch scarf.  I ran to one of the yarn stores in my area, then in Michigan, and asked the very unfriendly sales associate if they had Knit One Crochet Too.  No, they did not. Nor did they have any of the suggested yarn for any project that looked interesting in my new book. As a novice knitter, I was so disheartened, not understanding about yarn substitutions.  

Finally, months later, a knitting friend took me on a pilgrimage to a bigger yarn store in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  And they had the Knit One Crochet Too yarn! I was all set to start my scarf.


Pattern: Ribbon Drop Stitch  in Knit Scarves! by Candi Jensen

Yarn: Knit One Crochet Too Tartelette (discontinued)

Colorway: Velvet Rose

Needles: US 10 ½  (6.5mm)

Made for: no one in particular

Time to completion: 4 months

Ribbon Scarf

This was a fun knit for a new knitter – easy and relatively fast going.  I learned new skills and got to play with my first novelty yarn. The color – Velvet Rose – was captivating to knit with.  This was an interesting, rewarding, and gratifying knit!


Once finished, I didn’t want this scarf for myself, ironically.  It’s not my color. So, it sat in a drawer for a few years, and then it moved with me back to Texas.

And then, a short while later, I was dating someone pretty seriously and I needed a gift for his sister.  So, she was the lucky recipient of this scarf. I don’t know where she is now – since her brother and I did not make it that long…  

But I hope she appreciates the scarf because I still love it!

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