New Patterns!

There are so many new patterns that have come out lately and I want to knit all of them!  Really, have you noticed how many great patterns are popping up? A few have definitely caught my eye and I can’t resist talking about them!

The Handmade Sock Society 3

First and foremost, THSS3 opened for pre-sale today!  You know how much I enjoyed The Handmade Sock Society last year and the pre-sale is definitely the time to buy it!  Because it’s discounted!  

For this year, THSS creator Helen Stewart is releasing all six patterns over the course of six months, instead of twelve.  So, for every month between February and July, you get a sock pattern in your Ravelry library! I can’t wait! I didn’t get to knit all of the patterns from THSS2 but Helen’s patterns are just lovely and a great addition to any sock knitter’s library!  

Tamy Gore’s Kaliya Wrap

Yes, I’m knee-deep in shawl knitting and yet, I want to knit more!  I’m loving Tamy Gore’s designs more and more! Each one is more beautiful than the last!  And her latest pattern, Kaliya, is great because it uses mini-skeins – or leftover yarn! How fantastic is that?!  I’m always looking for ways to use scrap yarn and this is yet another innovative pattern that incorporates small bits of yarn. 

©Tamy Gore

And don’t even get me started about how tempted I was to buy the mini-skein set from Hue Loco.  But I resisted – amazingly!

Ambah O’Brien’s Sassenach’s Shawl

I love Outlander – the books and the show – so when Ambah’s shawl hit this week, I was immediately searching for bulky weight yarn online!  Because a bulky weight shawl?! How fast would that knit up?!

©Ambah O’Brien

While watching Outlander, I’m constantly impressed by Claire’s handknits!  So I’m really tempted to knit this shawl!


The first THSS3 pattern comes out on 2/25!  I can’t wait!  

And in other news, Stitch Together has released their February color and I’m loving it  – and trying not to buy it!  Really, I need more time in the day to knit everything!

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