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Working from home has many advantages, one of which is the lack of coworkers in my space.  (Not counting the cats.)  I’ve had fun listening to podcasts as I get work done and, of course, I tend to be drawn to knitting podcasts.  Today I thought I’d share with you some of the new-to-me podcasts I’ve been enjoying lately.

The Bearded Purl

I don’t have many male knitters in my life – many as in none – so it’s been fun watching a male talk about knitting on The Bearded Purl.  Caleb lives in Wisconsin with his partner and he is far more crafty (and productive) than I am.  He spins, he knits, he makes project bags…..  Other topics include cooking and gardening.  

It’s really cool to see what Caleb is knitting and, perhaps even more so, what he is buying.  He loves yarn as much as I do so I love shopping vicariously through him!  So much fun!

Fiber for the People 

This podcast by Tayler of Fiber for the People is so interesting!  I just recently stumbled upon it when I was looking for yarn dyeing videos (don’t get me started on that topic).  Tayler talks a lot about her yarn, Fiber for the People, and how it’s dyed, which I think is fascinating.  

She also shoots a lot of videos from her fiber studio which is really fun to watch.  I’ve never really been interested in the dyeing process until recently and Tayler offers many videos on how those lovely skeins are made.  I don’t own any Fiber for the People yarn but now I definitely want to buy some!

Stacy Elstone

Stacy is the dyer behind Stree Knits Yarn and she is just so adorable to watch.  Her podcasts are filled with knitting triumphs and frustrations –  and yarn – and I really enjoy them.  She makes me happy and we all need some happy right now.

Stress Knits Yarn is another yarn I’ve been eyeing for years but still have not bought.  Stacy’s signature is soft, muted colors – and lovely speckles.  All of her yarn is gorgeous and I really should choose her yarn for a sweater or other big project.  There are several colorways that are irresistible.  


What are you watching during your quarantine?  If you have a favorite podcast, please let me know!

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