October House Advent Calendar

October House Advent Calendar

I know I’m late in posting about my October House Fiber Arts Advent Calendar, since Christmas was 7 days ago, but better late than never, right?  Our holiday was lovely – but a bit busy.  

Having an Advent calendar to open for the season was incredibly special.  I’m so glad I decided to give it a try!  


Robin, the dyer behind October House, lived up to her talent of dying soft colors with this calendar.  I loved the pinks, yellows, greens, purples, and blues. Colors that I wouldn’t normally buy intrigued me – and I realized just how much I liked something I wouldn’t usually gravitate toward.  

Most of the minis were solid or variegated colors.  Some skeins had stellina in them, which was so, so pretty.  And the few speckled skeins were especially beautiful. I would love full skeins of several of these – they are just gorgeous!

October House Advent Calendar


The extra gifts in this calendar, opened every 5 days included:

-stitch markers

-an Ornament

-gift tags 

-a handmade stitch marker (Christmas tree)

-lotion bar

Robin’s watercolors are so pretty – so I loved getting some gift tags with the image of the theme for the calendar.  I will treasure these – and may not be able to use them as tags!

(See my daily Instagram posts in December to see what gifts and color ways were opened and when.)

Next Year

Assuming I actually knit something with this calendar, which I plan to do as soon as possible, I’d definitely like to get another calendar next year.  If I don’t knit with these mini skeins then I can’t justify buying another calendar. 

Assuming I buy another calendar, I will try another dyer, though, for something different.  But how will I choose which one to do?!  

These are questions for next year.  Did you get an Advent calendar this year?  If so, from where? I’d love to hear about it!

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