Podcasts I’m Watching

I’ve spoken before about what knitting/yarn podcasts keep me entertained…and I keep finding more and more!  These podcasters keep me entertained when I need some distraction or I just want to sit and knit for a bit.  Because you can never have enough knitting talk!

The Crazy Sock Lady

Kay, The Crazy Sock Lady, is so much fun to watch! She primarily knits socks but she also delves into sweaters, shawls, and other fun things.  Her Vlogmas last year was so much fun to watch!

Kay’s taste in yarn is similar to mine – indie dyed single skeins – so it’s always fun to see what yarn she finds and how she uses it!!  She hosts a Summer Sock Camp that I really need to make an effort to participate in next year!

This Nanny Knits

Lucy is This Nanny Knits and no, she’s not a grandmother, she’s a full-time nanny in England!  She is so much fun to watch!  She knits all kinds of things, but mostly socks and sweaters.  

Because Lucy is in England, I’ve learned of all kinds of British indie dyers through her, such as Ducky Darlings.  If you need a new podcast, I highly recommend Lucy’s; you won’t be disappointed!


Aleksandra is lovely to listen to.  Her Australian accent and her soft voice….she always puts me at ease.  And she’s a beautiful knitter!  She knits all things – socks, sweaters, shawls….  And she even sews and crochets!  

I love seeing what Aleksandra is knitting on FiberBound – and her color choices are usually very similar to mine, especially when it comes to socks!  She loves self-striping socks and purples and pinks…  So lovely!  I’ve learned of a lot of Australian dyers through this podcast, which I hope to see in person one day!


There are so many other podcasts to watch!  Some take some time to get hooked on, but I’m already hooked on all of these lovely ladies.  They inspire me to knit more and to knit better! 

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