Potion Socks

Potion Socks

You know how sometimes, there is a colorway that you see online and you know you must have it…you must knit with it?  Well, this colorway was that for me.  I’d long been an admirer of Potion Yarns but I hadn’t bought anything from them before.  Then, when I saw this colorway, I was clicking “Add to Cart” quicker than ever.  

It’s just that good.

The Yarn

I love pink, as y’all know.  But I also adore speckles and skeins that have all kinds of colors in them.   When I saw this skein, that alternated a deep navy with crazy colors, I thought it would do a micro-stripe of sorts and it did.  And it’s glorious.  

Plaza Lights is a colorway I could knit with forever and never get tired of.   If Potion Yarns came out with different versions of it, I’d buy every one of them.  Do I sound as obsessed as I am?!  

For the contrasting colorway, I used a mini skein from Jam Jar Yarns.  

The Pattern 

As usual, I turned to my new favorite pattern from Kay, the Crazy Sock Lady, except that I used circular needles.  This is, by far, my new favorite way to knit socks!

Potion Yarns


Pattern:  Vanilla Socks on Magic Loop by  Crazy Sock Lady Designs

Yarn:   Potion Yarns Foxy Sock in Plaza Lights; Jam Jar Yarns in Coco Loco

Needles: US 1 (2.25 mm)

Made for: me

Time to Completion:  1.5 months

These took a while to knit since we had a very long vacation in there during which I knit very little – on a different pair of socks.  But that’s fine.  I didn’t mind prolonging these socks since I loved them that much!

For the technical stuff…..  I did a 2×2 rib for the cuff and my favorite Eye of Partridge heel.  

I’m already thinking of ways to use the leftover Potion yarn….  Hm….  Y’all know I cannot let it go to waste!

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