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You know by now that I’m obsessed with yarn; hence, the purpose of this blog.  But for a long time, I resisted the urge to buy a project bag. Then I bought one.  Then I was gifted one. Then I bought another. Then I got one from my FibreShare partner.  Sigh. I’ve gone down another rabbit hole, it seems.  

My First Project Bag

My resistance to project bags ended at my first East Texas Fiber Festival last year.  I went into Paisley Ducky’s booth and fell hard for this fabric – that said East Texas Fiber Fest!!  Since I’m a native of East Texas, I couldn’t resist.  

Paisley Ducky

The quality of this bag is top-notch.  There’s a pocket inside that is perfect for my stitch markers and crochet hook.

Mrs. Lamb’s Bag

I was gifted this bag (above) and it’s just adorable.  My life is truly complete with yarn and kitties!  I use this bag in lieu of a big Ziplock to keep my projects in around the house.  And it’s perfect!

And British!  Mrs. Lamb is based in Britain so while her bags may take longer to get to you, they are well worth the wait!

Studio in the Green

When Suburban Stitcher unveiled her Peach Collective last year, I was in love.  I bought several things – yarn, stitch markers, and a project bag. I just couldn’t resist this bag from Studio in the Green.  The fabric was so absolutely adorable.   

Studio In the Green

I really like this bag. But I wish it was a bit bigger.  It’s good for socks but not anything bigger than that. I haven’t used this bag yet.


This bag was given to me by my FibreShare partner.  And it’s adorable! It was made by Anomalous Mind, who has a fabulous Etsy store, filled with pop-culture-oriented project bags.  

Anomalous Mind

This bag is housing my new WIP – a baby dress!


While I want to use ALL the project bags, I have a conundrum. I need my tools – stitch markers, needles, scissors, in all the bags.  So, what do I do? Do I just need to buy more supplies to fill each bag?

What do you do?  

I was knitting along on my baby dress the other night and realized I had no pen, so off I went to get one.  I sat down and realized I needed a stitch marker, so off I went to get one…. There has to be an easy fix for this!  

But it’s worth small inconveniences – because I love all these bags more than I can say!

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