Gynx Yarns

RIP: Gynx Yarns

I hate talking about independent dyers who are no longer dyeing.  It makes me so, so sad.  These dyers poured so much love into their businesses and had to close for a variety of reasons, one of which is sometimes just getting burned out.  I’m going to tell you about a few of them from time to time because many of us still have their yarns in our stashes.  And one of these is Gynx Yarns.

Gynx Yarns was a mainstay at DFW Fiber Fest for many years.  This yarn is one of the reasons I fell in love with sock yarn: it was so vibrant and colorful.  This wonderful yarn was dyed by Laura, in Dallas, Texas, who found inspiration from video games, pop culture, and animé.  


Gynx Yarns was dyed on a number of popular bases, including…

BFL Sock (Fingering – 100% Wool)

Single Merino (Fingering – 100% Merino)

Gynx Sock (Fingering – 100% Merino)

Power Sock (Fingering – 75/25)

Strong Sock (Fingering – 80/20)

Glitz Sock (Fingering – 75/20/5)

Merino DK (100% Merino)

Strong Sport (80/20)

Gynx Yarns

Yarn Dyeing

Gynx offered lovely variegated and self-striping skeins of yarn.  Truly, the booth at DFW Fiber Fest was always so beautifully colorful!  I bought two skeins over the years and both of those times, I wasn’t even knitting socks yet!  But I loved the colors and knew I would use the yarn, someday.  

Laura was a great asset to the knitting community.  She offered many dyeing videos and tutorials online.  Indeed, many indie dyers today learned how to dye from her videos.  


Some skeins of Gynx Yarns can be found on Ravelry through people willing to trade or sell their stashed Gynx.  If you have some in your stash, I definitely recommend knitting with it.  The colors are so delightful!

I’ll show you some socks I finally knit with my Gynx Yarn later this week!  

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