herbstblatt regina

RIP: Herbstblatt Regina

There are so many independent yarn dyers who have gone out of business.   This week, I’m telling you about a personal favorite, Herbstblatt Regina, which translates from the German to “Autumn Queen.”  This dyer closed down a few years ago and I’m lucky to have gotten a few skeins before that.   Regina’s yarn is gorgeous – the speckles stole my heart!  This was one of the first places I ever saw a yarn Advent Calendar for sale….  And how I wish I’d gotten one of hers!

Let me tell you more…


Herbstblatt Regina focused mainly on fingering weight yarn.  Here are some of the bases you can find on Ravelry now….

Hazel Sock  (Fingering – 80/20)

Oak Sock (Fingering – 75/20)

Witch Hazel (Fingering – 100% Merino)

Larch Singles (Fingering – 100% Merino)

BFL Tweed (Fingering – 85% BFL/15% Nylon)

Maple (DK – 100% Merino)

Hazel Soft Sock 6-ply (DK – 80/20)

herbstblatt regina

Yarn Dyeing

Regina’s speckles are just gorgeous.  This was one of the first speckled yarns I fell in love with.  And I still love these skeins – so much so that I’m afraid to knit with them!

I must say that the two bases that I have – Oak and Hazel Sock – are woolier than other sock yarns.  This means they will make great, warm, durable socks.  So I really need to get to knitting socks!

The names of her colorways are a delightful mix of English and German.  I had some German in graduate school but I have no idea what most of the colorways translate to in English.  I guess that’s why we now have Google!

herbstblatt regina


I remember seeing pictures of the Herbstblatt Regina Advent Calendars and they were gorgeous.  Regina truly had a talent for dyeing yarn.  It’s so sad these talented dyers go out of business.

But dyeing yarn is hard work – as is running a business.  I hope Regina is doing well and, in the meantime, look for her yarn on Ravelry.

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