Rose Socks

Rose Socks

Today, I have a FO to share with you!  As I mentioned in a post recently, I was invited to test knit a sock pattern, the Rose Socks, by Tara aka Crystal Tea Knits.  I had previously tested a pattern for Tara in January  and loved the design!  Therefore, I was only too happy to test her new pattern. I was a bit overwhelmed in knitting projects at the time, but I still managed to finish one sock in time for Tara’s pattern release, which was last week.

I’ve now finished both of my Rose Socks and can’t wait to tell you all about them!

The Yarn

Since the Rose Socks is an intricate, delicate design, I wanted a yarn that would not detract from the beautiful design.  I went stash diving and finally settled upon a skein of yarn from Suburban Stitcher that I purchased in 2019.  I’d thought I would use this yarn for a different pattern, but quickly decided now was the time to use it.

This was my second time knitting socks out of Suburban Stitcher’s Sock base…it’s not my favorite.  The yarn splits very easily and when I’m doing p3tog (hate that stitch), it always splits.  

While I do like the subtlety of the La Boheme colorway (I adored it when I bought it!), which was part of Dianne’s Peach Collective, I wish the colors were just a touch more vibrant.  When I started knitting on these socks, the color wasn’t motivating me.  The more I knit with it, however, the more it grew on me.  While I adore my vibrant speckles, there is a need for subtlety sometimes.  

The Pattern 

Just like the Sophia Socks, Tara’s Rose Socks use a lace cuff that transitions to a delicate pattern.  This pattern is lovely and easy to memorize.  


Pattern:  Rose Socks by Crystal Tea Knits

Yarn: Suburban Stitcher Sock in La Boheme

Needles: US 1 (2.25 mm)

Made for: me   

Time to Completion:  3 weeks

Rose Socks

Just like with the Sophia Socks, I don’t love the lacey cuff but I have to admit that it softens the sock a bit and makes it much more feminine.  And while I really like this pattern, I’ll always try to avoid p3tog stitches.  

This pattern uses a German Short Row Heel and this was my very first short row heel!  I love that something finally forced me to try a new heel!  It is such a better fit than the awful Afterthought Heel but I definitely need to perfect my technique: there are some holes at the corners.  

Tara definitely has a gift for sock patterns.  While I think I like the Sophia Socks more, the Rose socks are definitely a good choice if you’re looking for a delicate pattern that is easy to remember. 

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