Must Stash Sesame socks

Sesame Socks

My love of knitting socks continues.  And I have a good pattern down, I think, where I alternate other projects with socks…so I don’t become overly obsessed with them.  Because that would never happen to an OCD person like myself!  

Eighth Pair 

I cannot believe, with these Sesame Socks, I’ve knitted eight pairs of socks!  And I have no less satisfaction now than when I started!  With so many yarns to knit, it’s impossible to get bored!  Sock knitting truly is the best knitting!

Also, I’m wearing my handknit socks more and more.  I’ve learned that I really like the short socks – Jimmies! – for summer so I need to knit more of those.  The Texas heat is always a challenge but my feet stay relatively cool in the shortie socks.  Honestly, I don’t know how anyone can ever wear super high socks.  I get too easily overheated!

Must Stash Sesame Socks

Lessons Learned

Since these socks My heels are getting so much better.  I really tried to pick up stitches in a cleaner way and it worked!  I’ve re-read Charlene Schurch’s intro that is loaded with tips and techniques.  And I try to remember to do them all….but rarely succeed. One day, I’ll remember all the tips!


Pattern: Basic Top-Down with Heel Flap by Charlene Schurch

Yarn: Must Stash Yarn & Fiber – Perfect Self Striping Sock 

Colorway: Sesame

Needles: US 1 (2.25mm) dpn

Made for: someone else

Time to completion: 6.5 weeks

Must Stash Sesame Socks

Due to the incredible stripes in this yarn – Must Stash is amazing! – I chose to knit vanilla socks.  They are so much fun to knit! Seriously, how can Must Stash keep coming up with such great stripe patterns?!  And when you have yarn like this, it’s easy to keep knitting….and knitting!

Grab some Must Stash and knit your own pair of Sesame Socks!

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