Powder and Dust

Shawl Cast On

You remember how I wanted to cast on a shawl?  Well, I finally made a decision and cast one on!  It helped that I was super close to finishing not one, but two pairs of socks!  I love finishing projects, almost as much as I love knitting them!  Since I had so many socks going, I was just really wanting to knit another shawl….

So here we go….

Powder and Dust Shawl

After looking at all my choices of patterns, I finally decided on Veera Valimaki’s Powder and Dust Shawl.  Several reasons led me to choose this pattern…

First, I wanted something simple for TV knitting.  Second, I wanted something that would showcase the three skeins of yarn I’d chosen from A Homespun House, La Bien Aimee, and ThreadHead Knits.  And this simple, yet beautiful pattern will do just that!  


I have several kits of yarn in my stash for other shawls, and yet I put together a fade for this shawl because I wanted to use these beautiful yarns.  Sometimes, you have to go with what your gut is telling you to do instead of what your brain is telling you you  should do.

Powder and Dust

All of these skeins of yarn are dear to me and most have been in my stash for quite a while.  I’m glad to be able to use them in a shawl that will bring me much joy to knit and to wear.  

More Projects

I thought long and hard about knitting a shawl by Joji Locatelli but I also really want to cast on her Blurry Cowl…  And to do so, I just bought a ton of fabulous yarn.  (Of course, I have no DK yarn in my stash!)  I now have two Christmas presents to knit with that yarn – plus a Blurry Cowl for me!  

There is truly not enough time in a day to do all the knitting I’d like.  What’s on your needles and bringing you joy?

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