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Shawl Dream Knitting

I recently finished a pair of socks and immediately cast on two more pairs!  All the while, I’ve been dreaming of knitting my next shawl.  I haven’t done any shawl knitting since I finished my Slipstravaganza, which was a doozie, for sure.  But I can’t wait to knit another shawl!  I’ve been dreaming of all kinds of designs and patterns…..  But what to choose?

The Yarn

I love digging into my stash and coming up with yarn combinations.  It’s very therapeutic!  On a recent stash dive, I came up with the combination above.  This includes yarn from (left to right): A Homespun House, La Bien Aimee, and Threadhead Knits.  

I love all of these skeins of yarn and think they will work well in a faded shawl.  I’ve been wanting to knit with these so much and wanted something a bit more special than socks for them….  So maybe a shawl!

Three skeins of (fingering weight) yarn for a shawl seems like the perfect amount.  A one-skein shawl is too small to cover much; a two-skein shawl is almost big enough; but a three-skein shawl is perfect!  

The Patterns

I’m torn between three patterns….

Transitions Shawl
© Joji Locatelli

In Interpretations Vol. 7, the Transitions Shawl is just lovely.  Joji Locatelli’s design is shown in a sample that fades from green to pink… So pretty!

Powder and Dush
©Veera Valimaki

Joji’s friend, Veera Valimaki has a pattern called Powder and Dust that I’ve wanted to knit for a long time.  The fade is lovely and I think my yarn would be very nice.  Both Joji and Veera’s patterns are relatively simple to knit, which is good!  My stress level can’t handle too much knitting complexities these days!  

Shake It Up
©Anna Johanna

The third pattern that caught my eye features brioche knitting – Anna Johanna’s Shake It Up.  I’ve wanted to try brioche for a long time.  It’s a stitch that makes your knitting extra squishy and bouncy.      And I think a fade would be lovely for this, too.


Do I play it safe or try a new skill?  I love all of these shawls but I’m really torn….

Thankfully, I have enough yarn to knit them all, so whatever I choose to do this time does not exclude the possibility of another one at some point…   There are some advantages to having a big stash!  

What are you dreaming of knitting?

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