Shawlography Clue 1

We’re now over a week into the Westknits MKAL 2021 – Shawlography!  This is such a fun time of year and Stephen West’s mystery knit-a-long makes it even better!  I’ve had time to knit Clue 1 and can’t wait to share it with you!

Clue 1

In typical Stephen West fashion, this shawl is very extravagant so far.  And I love it!  Stephen uses all kinds of techniques that I’ve never even thought about!  Like….iCord loops in the middle of a shawl!  Yes!  (And those 45 loops were no easy task!)


Thankfully, Stephen walks you through every step of the shawl with videos…because again, these are not normal knitting techniques!  


I’m having so much fun with his shawl so far!  The yarn from Artemis Yarns is amazing and I’m loving how the colors are playing out.  I was a bit nervous choosing the order of the colorways but then I decided to just go with it and I’m so glad I did!  Having the dark purple play such a prominent role early on is wonderful!


This clue just left me wanting more!  I can’t wait to see what Stephen has in store for us!  

I hope you’re enjoying the MKAL as much as I am!

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