Shawlography Clue 2

Wow, so the Shawlography MKAL flew by!!  It’s now over, in fact!  That is, it’s over if you were able to keep up.  Clue 2 was a massive amount of knitting and that, combined with a vacation meant that I fell behind, as expected.  But, I’m still happily knitting along and I’m only about a week behind. 

Today I’m so excited to share Clue 2 with you!

Clue 2

Clue 2 was massive, as I already said!  So much knitting and so many fun things to try out – like welts and bobbles!  This was my first time attempting both welts and bobbles and both were a bit tricky, but fun!  

After those fun tidbits, it was time for two massive wedges to make this one huge, long shawl.  Those took me some definite hours to knit – mostly on plane rides.  But at least it was vanilla knitting.  I can now say I’m comfortable with short rows after doing two different techniques for them in this shawl!  



Stephen’s videos are so helpful and, as he says, they allow me to “trust” his process.  And what a process!  I have no idea what goes on in his creative brain but there’s no way I could put together these patterns!

My one complaint with this shawl – and it’s minor – is that Clue 2 seemed disproportionately larger than the other clues.  And that’s fine but it was frustrating to fall behind so quickly.  Sure, I had a vacation in there, but many knitters fell behind. And it’s much more for fun to be able to keep up.

I’m still loving this shawl even though it is definitely loud and extravagant.  I always love the process of knitting Stephen West’s shawls and this year’s MKAL is no different.  I can’t wait for the next one…and I’m not even done with this one! 


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