Artemis Shawlography

Shawlography Kit

The Westknits MKAL is less than a week away!!!  Do you have your yarn picked out?  As I mentioned in a previous post, I had wanted to use stash yarn for this MKAL but I don’t have enough solid colors in my stash.  So that led to a long, hard search for the perfect Shawlography Kit.  

A Conundrum

I’ve tried to stop buying yarn.  Ahem.  Really!  So when it came time for this MKAL, I hoped, rather desperately, to use my stash.  But I also knew that I had to love the yarn and the colors….  And I didn’t love any of the combinations I created from my stash.

I actually agonized over the decision to buy a kit for a week.  I tried to find something less expensive or just a few colorways that could compliment what I had in my stash…  But then I found a kit that I fell in love with….

Artemis Yarns

For a long time, I’ve watched the beautiful colorways produced by Natasha of Artemis Yarns.  Natasha loves speckles and though the MKAL requires solid colors, she managed to come up with some truly beautiful colorway combinations that satisfied the speckle-lover in me.

And so I splurged on a kit and I cannot tell you how much I love it!  

Artemis Yarns Shawlography

The colorways are (left to right): Olympia, Orchis, Musa, Harmonia, and Witch (I think; some labels are hard to read).  Witch is such a lovely blue-purple and Harmonia has pink, black, and yellow speckles…  So, so lovely!  It’s so much fun discovering new indie dyers!!


I can’t’ wait for the MKAL to start and to see what Stephen West has designed for us this year!  Are you ready?!

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