Wow!  What a journey!  This year’s Westknits MKAL, Shawlography, was interesting, complex, and big.  I learned so many new skills….it was a priceless experience.  And even though I’d never choose to knit this shawl, I love it.  All Westknits MKALs are such a great experience – and I always look forward to the next one! 

Here are the details….

The Yarn

I didn’t buy a kit from Stephen West’s shop, Stephen and Penelope, but I did splurge on a kit from a French dyer, Artemis Yarns.  I’ve long admired this yarn dyer and this seemed the perfect opportunity to get my hands on it.  Finally!  

And it was lovely yarn!  

The Pattern 

Stephen had many surprises and twists and turns for us this year.  I got to try brioche for the first time….along with bobbles, wedges, and i-Cord loops…  Oh my!  There was so much in this shawl!!  I love being forced out of my comfort zone and Stephen is great at pushing you out of it!  



Pattern:  Shawlography MKAL  by Stephen West

Yarn:  Artemis Yarns High Twist Nylon 80/20

Colorway: Harmonia, Orchis, Musa, Olympia, Witch

Needles: US 4 (3.5 mm)

Made for: me!

Time to Completion: 5.2 weeks

I definitely fell behind in the MKAL in Clue 2, which is when we went on vacation for my birthday.  But I have no regrets.  Maybe some year I’ll be able to keep up, but I’m not holding my breath.  And just when I thought I was making great progress, the massive border came along and took a lot longer than I anticipated. 

But this was a labor of love.  And an adventure.  I definitely like brioche – it feels marvelous – but correcting brioche mistakes is not something that is easy.  I have mistakes in my shawl but most of them are only visible on the wrong side.  

Stephen is so great at giving you videos for every Clue.  I couldn’t do it without these videos.  Again, I learned so much – and that’s what makes these MKALs so great.  

If you participated, I hope you enjoyed it!

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