Slipstravaganza Update II

I’ve made some progress on my Slipstravaganza since I last talked about it.  But I’m still only on clue 4 – out of 6.  So if you don’t want spoilers, stop reading now!!  Stephen West (aka Westknits) has designed one massively complex shawl and, though it’s not something I’d gravitate towards on my own, it’s really rather pretty and I’m liking how it’s coming together. Let me tell you more….


All the different shapes, honeycombs, holes, diamonds, texture….  It’s been fun learning new stitches and techniques in order to make all these shapes possible.  Section 3 (the diamonds) took a long time – you change colors often and slip so many stitches….  And now I’m working with CC3 and the main color for section 4.  


There are still shapes to come, triangles and the border, chevron stripes!  When I finally saw the finished shawl, I was happy with it, so I’m assuming I’ll be happy with my shawl.  I love the colors, after all.


Section 6 has over 900 stitches.  Nine hundred!!  Now, with over 400 stitches, it takes me 15-20 minutes to knit a row.  So it’ll take 45 minutes or so to knit 900 stitches.  Oh my goodness!  

I’ve been thinking that I needed a big shawl and this is apparently going to be it.  Stephen refers to such shawls as Shawlankets – shawl blankets.  I’m not going to lie – a lot of the shawls I’ve knit are good scarves but not great shawls.  So I’m actually looking forward to having a huge shawl.  


I have no idea when I’m going to finish this but I’m hoping to finish it before December.  To distract myself, I’ve started a few other little projects that give almost instant gratification….  Because there’s not going to be satisfaction with the Slipstravaganza for a while now!!  


900 stitches will take awhile to knit, for sure!


Yes, that’s a lot of stitches. Yes, this design is a bit…unconventional.  But you don’t do a Stephen West MKAL unless you want something very unusual.  And I’m completely satisfied with the design of this shawl. 

You only live once.  Why not wear something unconventional that you’ve handknit and that brings you joy?!  

Happy knitting!

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