Spincycle Yarns

Spincycle Yarns

One of the most popular – and hard to get –  yarns in the last few years has been Spincycle Yarns.  This yarn jumped onto the knitting scene when Andrea Mowry used their Dyed in the Wool base for a few projects.  Suddenly, everyone wanted this yarn.      It is very unique and it actually took me a while to like it.  Now that I do, I really enjoy seeing what color combinations people choose to knit using this yarn.

Spincycle is dyed in Washington state and is owned by Kate Burge and Rachel Price. They began a partnership in 2004 and, by 2017, owned a mill together.  Thus, Spincycle was born.  


Every base from Spincycle is unique and different.  Dyed in the Wool is the most popular, followed by Dream State.  But there’s something to love about each and every one.  Here are a few of them…

Metamorphic (DK – 50% recycled Wool/50% Merino)

Versus (DK – 100% Wool)

Wilder (Sport – 100% Wool)

Dyed in the Wool (Sport – 100% SW Wool)

Dream State (Aran – 100% SW Wool)

Knit Fast, Die Young (Jumbo – 100% Wool)

Spincycle Yarns


Spincycle has an online shop and this offers the best chance to get the colorways you want.  But you can also find this yarn in many local yarn stores.  I was amazed to find it in my LYS.  

Ease of Shopping

The website is super easy to use and browse.  The only frustrating part is seeing how much is sold out.

Spincycle Yarns

Shipping Costs

When you order from the Spincycle website, shipping is a bit expensive.  Combined with the expense of the yarn itself – quite high compared to others – it may be best to find this yarn at you LYS or a fiber festival.


Spincycle is an extremely unique yarn and it may not appeal to everyone.  Since it’s more expensive, you really have to love it to buy it.  I received a skein from a FibreShare partner; I had not thought seriously about buying it.  However, I do love Andrea Mowry’s Nightshift, which uses Dyed in the Wool, so I may have to buy the few more skeins required for that pattern.  

It’s best to see this yarn in person to truly appreciate the colors.   So lovely!

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