stillness shawl MKAL

Stillness MKAL Update 2

Wow, this MKAL is flying by!  Really, where does the time go?  We’re now on to Clue #4 – out of a total of 5 clues!  Wow!  Helen Stewart’s (of Curious Handmade) Stillness Shawl has been so much fun to knit.  And, I’ve even conquered a stitch that I feared I’d never be able to do.  So, I’ve learned a new skill in the process, which is great!  Let me tell you more….

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.  If you do not wish to see the first clue mostly knit up, do not proceed.

Clue #2

I was a bit nervous about this clue when I heard there was lace involved.  But I’m learning not to fear lace; I’m also learning the joy of using stitch markers for lace.  So this section ended up being not as difficult as I feared.  It was also a nice change from just knitting and purling.  

The lace used my dark purple so I hope it looks better blocked than it does now.  And I’m loving the grey and variegated stripes.   So much fun!!

Stillness Shawl MKAL

Clue #3

When this clue came out, I skimmed through the instructions and felt a ball forming in the pit of my stomach.  Though the initial stitch definitions did not include a STAR stitch, this was suddenly in the instructions.  I watched the video tutorial and sure enough: k3tog is part of the STAR stitch.  

I loathe k3tog. I first encountered this stitch in a pair of fingerless gloves that I ditched after being so continuously frustrated with this stitch.  I’ve tried it again in socks and just can’t do it.  So I was terrified. 

Thankfully, the Ravelry community came to my rescue.  When I posted about my troubles, the members of the Curious Handmade group offered many wonderful suggestions to help me out.  I was overwhelmed by the helpful comments!  And I figured out how to do k3tog!  I tried several tricks, including using a smaller needle but then discovered I could do the stitch without it.  I think having a bigger needle – instead of US 2 needles (for socks) – is the difference here.  

Stillness Shawl MKAL
STAR stitch

Next Up

Clue #4 was just released and these rows are getting long.  They’re so long that I have to take breaks in the middle of them to help my hands.  Eek!  But I’m loving this shawl and the colors.  They wouldn’t have been my first choice and the yarn is definitely not as soft as I’d like….  But the shawl design is lovely.  

Helen Stewart is such a master of shawl and sock patterns.  If you’re doing this Stillness Shawl MKAL, I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am!  If not, I highly suggest it or any of Stewart’s patterns!

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