Suburban Stitcher Yarn

Suburban Stitcher Yarn

One of my guilty knitting pleasures is watching the Suburban Stitcher’s podcast.  When I went to last year’s DFW Fiber Fest, I was able to meet Dianne, who is just as nice in person as in her podcast, and buy some yarn.  

Since then, I’ve been stalking her online store…  Her yarn is lovely and she’s had some exciting happenings lately.


Dianne currently offers her fabulous colorways on a number of bases, including Sock, Glitter Sock, Single Sock, Silky Singles, Merino DK, Pure Sock, Minis, Bulky, Sport, and Silky Mohair Lace.

I have experience with her sock and glitter sock – and I’ve really enjoyed working with both.


The Suburban Stitcher’s colorways are soft with a bit of adventure thrown in. Dianne chooses her speckles and tones wisely and thoughtfully.  Some colors are more adventurous but most have a delightful subtlety that makes them ideal for luxurious fades and everyday socks.

Suburban Stitcher Yarn

Sweet Adeline, Nudie Patootie, Cinder, and Evangeline (and the new La Boheme) are some of my favorites…  But now I’m really wanting to try a peach fade in some of Dianne’s colors.


The Suburban Stitcher shop is updated at random, but Dianne keeps you informed on what will be available if you watch her podcast.  And she usually accepts custom orders.

Recently, The Peach Collective debuted on The Suburban Stitcher site – a collaboration with some of Dianne’s favorite vendors.  This collection was centered upon a peach theme – and one lovely fabric. There were two bags, stitch markers, soaps, tins, and yarn, by Dianne and KirbyWirby.  I must say that I loved this concept and the items in it.  Dianne did a fabulous job!

The Suburban Stitcher also recently launched a mystery skein club, based on the National Park System.  This is one thing I wish I’d jumped on, as the first skein was gorgeous!

Ease of Shopping

The Suburban Stitcher site, recently updated and refreshed, is easy to navigate and use.  

Suburban Stitcher site

Shipping Costs

Dianne’s shipping costs are reasonable.  It was especially nice, with her Peach Collective, to get some items from Canadian crafters without having to pay Canadian shipping costs.  


There are some very exciting things happening at The Suburban Stitcher.  Dianne’s presence of social media and with podcasting is so much fun to watch.  Her new Peach Collective and National Park Mystery Club are truly inspiring. We all need a bit of inspiration from time and time and that’s what Dianne’s podcasts and yarn gives me.  

 Dianne is already slated to be at DFW Fiber Fest again this year – and she’ll be a new addition to the East Texas Fiber Fest in November.  

Check out her site as soon as possible!

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