Summer Dream Knitting

It’s hot.  It’s very hot here in Texas.  Our highs are finally where they usually are – at 100 or above.  Thankfully, I’m inside more this year than any other year, which is a blessing, for sure.  I’m still enjoying my knitting, from my air conditioned confines, including during Zoom meetings.  And since I just finished two huge projects – more on those later – I’m looking for other things to knit.  And dreaming of tons of things I want to knit.  Yes, dream knitting is a thing, even in the summer!

Truly, there are so many patterns that have caught my eye, it’s overwhelming. But I thought I’d share a few with you today….

Leftover City
©Kacey Herlihy

Leftover City by Kacey Herlihy

I’m always on the lookout for patterns that use leftover yarn and this one recently caught my eye.  Though it’s not a complicated pattern, I love how the colors come together in this Leftover City cowl.   I think this would be great for winter – or for a gift.   

And who doesn’t have leftover yarn they need to use?   The world needs more leftover yarn patterns!

Lounge Top
©Joji Locatelli

Lounging Top – Sport by Joji Locatelli

I’ve still never knit a pattern by Joji, though I love so many of them.  Now that I’ve finished my second sweater (spoiler!), I’m tempted to make a summery top.  And I love the simplicity of this top.  

But simplicity has its drawbacks.  Simple things are usually not as much fun to knit, so I’m a bit worried I would get bored with this pattern.  But I love it!  I even love the color Joji used for the sample.  

Wildflowers and Honeycomb
©This Handmade Life

Wildflowers and Honeycomb Socks by This Handmade Life

Socks are always on my mind.  And these socks from This Handmade Life are adorable.  I must admit that in the summer, I’m much more likely to knit shortie socks, but at least those go quickly.  

And socks are the perfect knit; they can always be worn, even in Texas (shortie socks!).


What are you wanting to knit?  Decisions, decisions. I may have to finish up one of those UFOs I spoke of earlier, just to ease my conscience a bit.  But it’s nice to have a lot of my gift knitting done for the year and have free reign to knit what I want to knit.  


  • Judy

    I also like to dream knit. I’m always dreaming of the next thing (several things) to k it. I love making summer tops with cotton or linen or a blend of both. And because they’re simple, they are finished before you get bored. I love those socks, too. They’re in my queue. I think I may even add some beads.

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