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Summer Sock Camp 2023

I cannot believe it’s June!  And now that school is out, it’s time for The Crazy Sock Lady’s Summer Sock Camp!  I’ve never officially participated but am looking to change that this year.  Because y’all know I’m all about sock knitting….  All the socks!

What It Is

Summer Sock Camp was created by Kay,  The Crazy Sock Lady, as a way to bring together all the sock knitters who enjoy her podcast into a community of sock knitting over the summer.  The Camp has seen different iterations over the past several years – with different levels of involvement.  

Quite frankly, it had gotten so big and convoluted that I didn’t participate because I didn’t know whether I was following the rules or what cabin to join….

Thankfully, this year, Kay has backpedaled to take the Camp back to its roots – in its simplest form.  All you have to do is knit socks – any size or even crochet – and use the hashtag and/or post on the Ravelry thread.  WIPs are allowed this year – again, just to make it as simple as possible.

DK Socks


Anyone can participate and no, you do not need to participate socially.  But if you want to win prizes from Kay, you need to use the hashtag – #summersockcamp2023 – on Instagram or post on Ravelry.  

Since it’s so easy this year, I’m going to post about all my sock knitting!  I can’t wait!  There are so many skeins of yarn I want to knit up into socks….it’s addictive!  Already, I have two pairs on the needles and I just finished a pair.  


The dates for Summer Sock Camp are May 26 to August 31.  So you have three months to knit as many socks as you want!  And socks are the perfect summertime knit – they’re small and therefore won’t make you hot like blankets and sweaters!  

So here’s to a fun summer of cold drinks and sock knitting!

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