sweater knitting

Sweater Knitting

There are many types of knitters but the one to admire most is the garment knitter.  These fantastic crafters churn out sweaters quicker than I knit hats. They are fearless and daring – something that I am not.  Today I’m going to talk about sweater knitting and my brief encounters with it.


For those new to knitting sweaters, the easiest patterns are top down and/or seamless.  These fabulous patterns start with a neckline and are knit in a tube (putting the sleeves on hold until the end) with some increases to the bottom.  There is no seaming (i.e. sewing), making these patterns the perfect choice for newbie sweater knitters.

Those who are more advanced have more options – fair isle, cardigans, buttons, and more!  There are so many beautiful designs to choose from….. So why don’t I knit them?

Effort vs. Payoff

I know many knitters who make lovely sweaters and wear them constantly.  But I’m OCD and have issues with this. Namely, pilling. This is a natural thing for yarn to do – some yarns pill more than others.  But this drives me crazy, even on items I have not knit. If I spend months on a sweater and it starts to pill, I will go insane. Or stop wearing it.   

sweater knitting

Reason #2: I live in Texas.  The months in which I can comfortably wear a sweater are few (generally, December to February).  Cardigans would be the best choice for me to make but….

Reason #3: ….I’m scared to try.  I hate UFOs (unfinished objects).  I have too many already from my early knitting days.  I don’t want to start a sweater and not finish it because I don’t know how to do something.  Yes, that is cowardly. I admit it.

Reason #4: I would be afraid to wear something that took me so long to make and cost so much money.  If I buy a $20 sweater, I’m not heartbroken if it starts to pill after 2 washes or if I damage it. But if I spend $80+ on yarn to make a sweater and it unravels or pills or doesn’t fit 100% right, then I would be very upset.  And mad at myself.


Years ago, I made a sweater, a KAL with my knitting bestie, and it turned out pretty well.  It was seamless and mostly uncomplicated. I’ll talk more about it later this week. Through that experience, I learned that….

I’m just not a garment knitter.  That being said, I will knit another sweater in my lifetime – probably a cardigan.  Thanks to Knitty Natty, I know a budget friendly, hand-dyed yarn option that’s easy for me to purchase.  And there are so many patterns to choose from… But the time has to be right!  

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