The Fiber Seed

The Fiber Seed

This week’s featured yarn is a goodie: The Fiber Seed. I first saw this yarn online and then had the joy of feeling it at the 2019 DFW Fiber Fest. And it was such a soft, lovely yarn!

The Fiber Seed is dyed by Lindsay, a native Floridian who has settled in Ohio with her husband and family. The great thing about this company is that Lindsay sources all of her materials from the United States. So cool!


Lindsay offers a select number of bases which is practical and not overwhelming. Those bases include…

Sprout Sock (90/10)
Sprout Singles (90/10)
Sprout DK (90/10)
Sprout Worsted (90/100
Silky Seed Lace (50% Merino/50% Tussah)


The colors that Lindsay dyes are vivid and beautiful. The skeins always catch my eye every time I see them. The teal that I bought (yay, me: solid colors!!) is so rich and deep – just beautiful! Fiber Seed is available in solid, variegated, and speckled colorways. And none of them will disappoint.

The Fiber Seed


The Fiber Seed website is almost always stocked with yarn. I’ve seen more selection, however, in my local yarn shop. And I’m seeing this yarn pop up in more and more stores. Also, look for them at fiber fests! When you see a festival booth filled with these skeins, you will be immediately drawn to them!

Ease of Shopping

The website is super easy to use. Be sure to follow Lindsay on Instagram to see what specials and discounts are offered throughout the year.

The Fiber Seed

Shipping Costs

Fiber Seed offers reasonable shipping rates. But look for it in your local yarn shop!


When you’re next in a yarn shop, look for this lovely, soft yarn from Lindsay. The Fiber Seed is a welcome addition to the indie dyer scene, offering a scrumptious yarn on durable bases that can be used for all kinds of projects.

Be sure to follow them on Instagram!

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