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The Handmade Sock Society 5

Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade has released another Handmade Sock Society Collection!  She’s on her 5th collection and I couldn’t help but buy the patterns in the pre-sale….because I love Helen’s patterns.  If you haven’t heard about this charming pattern collection, keep reading!

What It Is

The Society works like this….  You pay a flat fee (a very reasonable price) to get six sock patterns, released throughout the  summer (unfortunately, this pre-sale has ended).  You can buy the patterns later, individually, but for a higher price than the pre-sale bundle.  This is the fifth  season of the Sock Society and I’ve loved every collection Helen has put together!

This isn’t technically a KAL but there’s a Ravelry page for the group where the community can share tips, tricks, and progress.

The Style

If you like patterned socks, this collection is for you.  Helen’s patterns are never overly complicated, but they’re different enough to keep you engaged with your knitting.  There’s lace, delicate patterns, and more traditional patterns as well.  There’s always something for everyone in The Handmade Sock Society collections!

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Joining In

I haven’t tried to knit all the patterns since the first Society I purchased, which was Helen’s second, I believe.  I knit two patterns from that one, each of which I adore.  I knit others from the various collections that followed.  But lately, I’m in desperate need of vanilla socks.  So I’ll see which of Helen’s patterns catch my eye and cast on as I get the urge to make more intensive socks.  


If you love knitting socks, these patterns are for you!  Helen is such a fantastic designer and her patterns are some of the best and most clearly written out there.  You can’t go wrong with anything she designs! 

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