The Handmade Sock Society

The Handmade Sock Society II

I’ve been on Curious Handmade’s email list for a very long time.  I do a lot of dream knitting with Helen Stewart (the mind behind Curious Handmade) but have yet do join in on any of her fun knitting adventures.  


I’m always hesitant to join KALs (knit-a-longs) and MKALs (mystery knit-a-longs) because of the time constraints that I have and that the KALs have.  I’m very Type A and OCD and, as I’ve mentioned before, hate to fail. So, the prospect of not meeting a deadline really, really freaks me out. I know, I’m weird.

sock yarn


But this time, I’m joining in!  Yesterday, I purchased the presale of the Handmade Sock Society by Curious Handmade!  I’m so excited! Now that I’ve come to love sock knitting, I want some inspiration for new patterns.  I also want to try some different techniques – as Helen says, never stop learning!

If you buy the patterns in the pre-sale, you’ll receive emails with lots of tips about the nitty-gritty of sock knitting.  Helen states that the patterns are geared toward the “confident beginner” and a few toward intermediate knitters.

Helen’s theme for this year’s sock society is Cornish Coastline.  Beautiful!

The Handmade Sock Society II


The Society works like this….  You pay a flat fee (a very reasonable price) to get six sock patterns, released throughout the year (starting in a few weeks and then every other month).  You can buy the patterns later, individually, but for a much higher price than the bundle or pre-sale bundle. This is only the second season of the Sock Society but last year’s patterns were gorgeous, so I have high hopes for this year.  

This isn’t technically a KAL but there’s a Ravelry page for the group where the community can share tips, tricks, and progress.

I have so much sock yarn, I can’t wait to find the perfect skeins to match the patterns as they’re released throughout the year.

What’s inspiring your knitting lately?  

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