The Lemonade Shop

The Lemonade Shop

Just like its name implies, The Lemonade Shop dyes incredibly cute and vibrant yarn. It’s dyed in Castle Rock, Colorado by Heather and is slowly but steadily appearing in more and more local yarn stores, including mine!


The Lemonade Shop yarns come on a variety of bases. Fingering weight bases include Simple Sock (80/20), Mighty Sock (75/25), Single Sock, and Sparkle Sock. Other bases include DK, Bulky, and Super Bulky.


Long ago, the first thing that caught my eye about The Lemonade Shop was the rainbow colorways. But then, as I started exploring more and more of their colors, I found more to love. The speckled colorways are just delicious – seriously, there’s one called Toxic Oreos. (Heather comes up with some truly fun names!)

The Lemonade Shop

Recently, Heather has introduced Rhoadside – more solid colors that can easily fade from one to the other. They also beautifully complement the speckled colorways. Other lines on her site include Handpaints and Tonals.


I am always impressed by the breadth of colorways on The Lemonade Shop site. Heather also does a wonderful job keeping her Instagram followers aware of limited edition colorways, product availability, and special announcements.

Ease of Shopping

You can shop for Heather’s yarn on The Lemonade Shop or on Etsy. For a list of local yarn store stockists, look here.

I cannot tell you how happy it made me when I discovered their yarn at West 7th Wool! Seeing local yarn stores stock more and more indie dyers is a great thing to see!

The Lemonade Shop yarn

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are very reasonable. However, all yarns are dyed-to-order and may take up to two weeks to ship.


Heather dyes colorways that are truly unique and vibrant. You won’t find anything else like her colors. I was so happy to find her yarn in my local yarn store. And I can’t wait to knit what’s left of it in my stash! Socks and more socks!

The Lemonade Shop

When I first went to The Lemonade Shop’s Etsy store (before they had a website), so many colorways caught my eye, especially the Toxic Oreo color. I’ve bought several skeins – but still have not gotten the Oreo. I like knowing that, since the skeins are dyed-to-order, I can get them whenever I want, without having to worry about stock. That is very convenient.

Be sure to follow The Lemonade Shop on Instagram. These colorways are just too fabulous not to drool over!

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