Magpie Fiber Society

The Magpie Fiber Society

I’ve never joined a yarn subscription or yarn club.  As I’ve said before, I like knowing what yarn – and what color – I’m buying.  But when I got an email from Magpie Fibers about their Fiber Society, I got to thinking.  Since there are no fiber fests to go to – thank you, COVID – maybe I could try something new instead with the money I was saving by not going to fiber fests.  That makes perfect sense, right?

The Society

There are different options for joining the society.  You can join bi-monthly and renew every other month.  Or you can join for 6 months or 12 months, prepaying in advance.  Every other month, during that time, you get to choose the contents of your box from two colors.  Sometimes they’re variegated colors, sometimes speckled, sometimes both.  Also during that time, you get 10% off additional purchases and the ability to buy exclusive Society colorways. 

For your first shipment with the Society, you get an exclusive pin, a notepad, and a pen.  

Magpie Fiber Society

I chose to prepay for 6 months – I figured that was what most closely resembled what I would spend at a fiber fest.  I would, therefore, get 3 ordering periods and 6 skeins of yarn.  That sounded perfect for me, given my stash.  

The Yarn

When I ordered, in August, there were two colors to choose from – a variegated and speckled skein – on Magpie’s Swanky Fingering base.  This base is glorious with 10% cashmere – it’s the star of the Magpie yarn lineup, in my opinion.  And it was great for me; I love fingering weight yarn.  One of the reasons I wanted to join the Society was to beef up my stash with different weights of yarn (other than fingering) and lightly variegated skeins (instead of brightly variegated and speckled, which is what I gravitate toward).  This variegated is nicely muted.

My First Box

I couldn’t wait for my first box to arrive – and it just did!  It was nicely packaged (you don’t pay shipping for your 2 skeins of society yarn, but you do pay shipping on any additional choices, which is kind of frustrating) and all my first timer goodies were enclosed.

Magpie Fiber

The yarn is gorgeous and feels amazing.  I may have to knit a sweater out of this base.  In addition to my Society box, I bought one speckled skein of a previous Society colorway, in greys and blues/yellows/reds.  It wasn’t something I’d usually gravitate toward, making it a good purchase since I often knit for others who don’t share my same favorite color palette.

Magpie Swanky DK

I’ll be sure to share with you my future Society boxes!!

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