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The Stitchin’ Den

One of our favorite places to travel to is Estes Park, Colorado.  We got engaged there and make almost yearly trips to spend time with our Colorado friends.  It has a very special place in our hearts. And so does The Stitchin’ Den, Estes Park’s local yarn store.  This may be the first LYS I visited outside the state of Texas.  

And so it gives me great pleasure to tell you about this charming shop.  


The Stitchin’ Den is conveniently located adjacent to the main shopping street in downtown Estes Park.  It’s not the easiest place to find though, since it’s located in a building on a hill that contains several shops and restaurants.  

But if you eat at Claire’s – which I highly recommend, especially for breakfast – then The Stitchin’ Den is just a short walk away.  

The Stitchin Den


The Stitchin’ Den offers a wide selection of yarn – from knitting staples to hand dyed yarn from Colorado.

Some of the perennial favorites of knitters include Cascade, Plymouth, Skacel, Tahki, Juniper Moon Farm, Universal, and Lamb’s Pride.

And I was pleasantly surprised to find Shibui on the shelves this past December.  Some other goodies included HiKoo, Simplicity, and a delectable new-to-me Colorado dyer, Herd of Cats.  This was the one thing I splurged on – a skein of sparkly Road Trip Sock Yarn with which I instantly fell in love.   Wow.   

Another lovely yarn offered in this shop is Willow Creek Fiber Mill, a company from Estes Park.  How cool is that?!

The Stitchin Den


Very conveniently, The Stitchin’ Den sends out a regular Newsletter and posts frequently on Facebook. They have many fun events, in which I wish I could participate.  The shop also sell more than yarn – they have cross stitch, needlepoint, and embroidery supplies.  

They also have a quilting shop next door to the yarn shop.  I didn’t visit it but the fabrics looked lovely from outside!


165 Virginia Drive

Estes Park, Colorado 80517

If you’re ever in Estes Park, be sure to stop by this yarn shop.  It will not disappoint you!

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