Thread and Maple

Thread and Maple

It’s rare to find great knitting tools.  And knitting requires so many tools: scissors, stitch markers, measuring tape, tapestry needles….  Sure, you can get all these things at Hobby Lobby but sometimes you find something truly special from a small business.  Such is the case with Thread and Maple.  This new Canadian family-owned business went online in 2020 – and we all know how this year has gone.  But they offer some fabulous products that I’m sure you’ll love….

I bought a few items when Thread and Maple had a sale recently and I may have to order some more, these are so great.  Let me tell you more!

On the Go

I knew I had to have this little On the Go case.  And it lives up to my hopes.  It comes with a small pair of scissors, two tapestry needles, and, the little outside zipper pouch, there are stitch markers!  Seriously, this should go in every knitting bag I own!

Thread and Maple

If you want something bigger, there’s a Notions Clutch that has everything you could possibly need to knit on the go.   

Both of these are made in beautiful leather, handcrafted in the small Thread and Maple leather studio.  


I also bought a tapestry needle holder that is magnetic.  This is awesome because you can throw it in your knitting bag and all your metal stitch markers will cling to it, making them easy to find.  Love it!  I got the leather needle holder but it also comes in cork.  

Thread and Maple

Besides offering ways to package your notions, Thread and Maple offers stitch markers, tape measures, cable needles, journals, and scissors for sale.  I might have to get the seashell stitch markers!  So cool!

A really cool store offering: eco-friendly greeting cards for knitters.  They sent one in my package and it’s so cute.  Plus, it’s biodegradable and the paper is laden with wildflower seeds.  So you plant it and have wildflowers!  Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!


I have not been paid to endorse Thread and Maple.  I just think this is a fabulous small business and I want them to succeed.  Shipping to the U.S. isn’t super cheap, but it was cheaper than I thought.  And the exchange rate is on our side! 

If you need any gifts for the knitters in your life, I can’t recommend this company enough.  Or, better yet: gift yourself these finely made notions!

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