Thyroid Meds

A while back, I told you about my hyperthyroidism journey.  It’s still ongoing – as are so many health issues. Thankfully, I found an amazing endocrinologist who will listen to any complaints that I have – and usually have an answer for me.  After my radiation treatment, I was soon put on synthetic thyroid replacement medication. It was fine for the first year or so but soon I was looking at different medication options.  

As far as thyroid meds, there are two kinds: synthetic and desiccated.  


Synthroid, the typical synthetic thyroid hormone that most hypothyroid patients get put on, is easy to prescribe. And if you’re hypothyroid because you have no thyroid, it’s even  easier to prescribe, based on your body weight. But Synthroid contains only one of two thyroid hormones and some patients don’t naturally convert that one hormone to the two you need for your metabolism to work properly.


overactive thyroid

After being on Synthroid for a while, and having very little energy, my doctor put me on an additional pill so that, when combined with the Synthroid, the two different thyroid hormones, T3 and T4, were supposed to be adequately simulated in the body.  With these two pills, I found that I had a bit more energy, but not much.


There’s an alternative to synthetic pills that is a bit controversial: desiccated thyroid, which is made from pigs.  That freaks some people out. But because it’s natural it contains both thyroid hormones and other natural ingredients that help the thyroid.  One reason – besides the pig factor – doctors are hesitant to prescribe it is because the dosing is very different from synthetic hormones. That means it takes a while to figure out the right dosage, which means blood tests until it’s accurate.

They can have all my blood if they can get my hormones right!  So, I’m now on the desiccated hormones and have been for a few years now.  

Going Forward

After being unsuccessful in all weight loss attempts over the years – and seeing the number on the scale inch up and up – I’m now trying a new diet as a last resort.  I work out enough, so activity is not the problem. And I eat healthily – but I’ve never attempted to drastically change my diet. Until now.  

I’ve seen some great results from the diet so far – five pounds down!  Now, I need to see if I can continue the trend! I will keep you posted!

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